THE World University Reputation Ranking 2016

THE World University Reputation Ranking 2016 has published. The country’s number of universities in this list is given below.

Country # of Universities in the list
USA 43
England 10
Germany 6
China 5
France 5
Netherlands 5
Japan 5
Hong Kong 3
Canada 3
Russia 3
Austuralia 2
South Korea 2
Sweden 2
Switzerland 2
Singapur 2
Austuria 1
Belgium 1
Brasil 1
Taiwan 1

2 remarkable events of the list are about Netherlands and Russia. First Netherlands has 5 universities in this list I think this is dangerous about this country. Economic operations or terrorist attacks by global power financed terror organizations (like ISIS) can be occured at this country in near future. Second Russia is very close to loose its global power statue, that’s why it probably try to provoke a world war. Recently their spokeswoman has reminded us about the final of ottoman empire as a thread. In this context, I have to remind her either: “In about 50 years the Russian civilization naturally finished”. In other words their nation is very close to its end if our guys don’t help them about reproduction.



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