Suicide Bombings Between 1982 – today

Damn all kind of terror attacks

Damn all of the financers, supporters and source(cause) of the terror attacks.

All around the world people talk about terrorist attacks occured in France we have to look at the big picture to realize the facts.

Fact 1- After 2003 (Iraq’s invasion) totally 4336 suicide bomb attacks occured.

Fact 2- After 2003 totally 39610 of people killed at this suicide bombs

Fact 3- in France approximately killed 153 people in this suicide attacks

Fact 4- After 9 11 Bombings in USA just 1 suicide bombings occured with 1 fatalities

Fact 5- In United Kingdom totally 4 suicide bombings occured with 52 kills

Fact 6- In Germany no suicide bombings occured

Fact 7- In France this suicide attack is the first.








data taken from Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism.



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